Green Housing

The future of housing is Green

It is no longer enough for circuit breakers in houses to be reliable and practical. There are growing demands on circuit protection solutions with a distinct eco-profile that help reduce energy costs. We call this Green Housing and our aim is to take the lead in developing circuit protection solutions for the future.

At Emcomp, Green Housing is more than just business. By using energy-efficient circuit protection that complies with strict environmental requirements we also provide a service to the environment and to coming generations.  

Emcomp's energy declared circuit breakers help reduce energy costs for landlords, businesses and tenants. Improved energy-efficiency is a key component of a sustainable future.

Our solution for Green Housing

Lower energy consumption
Hydraulic-magnetic circuit protection is significantly more energy-efficient than traditional thermal breakers. This is due to the lower internal resistance of the breakers.

Innovative installation
One of the advantages of using Emcomp's hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers is their compact size compared to traditional breakers. This results in an innovative installation that uses less space.

Reliable maintenance-free circuit protection
The components are carefully selected for maximum life. Circuit breakers for Green Housing provide optimum protection and require no maintenance.

More info
Emcomp's circuit protection solutions for Green Housing were developed by CBI in South-Africa. The circuit breakers comply with several international standards, e.g. IEC/EN/VDE (Europe), UL (America) and CCC (China). They are available in standard designs and can also be customised according to customers´needs.

Examples of circuit breakers in Renewable Energy applications:
Q frame 0.5-200A

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