Equally safe at the docks as at sea

Emcomp provides customers with robust and reliable circuit protection in the Marine & Offshore segment. The products are Hydraulic-Magnetic circuit breakers that require no service or maintenance. The components are carefully selected to ensure that circuit protection operates equally well irrespective of whether the ship is at sea or at the docks. The Hydraulic-Magnetic design has a number of practical advantages and delivers better protection to the circuit, as well as more precise breaking.


Designed to withstand extreme environments
Emcomp's Hydraulic-Magnetic circuit breakers withstand moisture, dust and vibrations. Our circuit breakers are a safe choice for any marine environment.


Ideal when space is limited
On ships, space is at a premium. The Hydraulic-Magnetic technology enables more compact circuit protection and more circuit breakers can be fitted in a smaller space.


Circuit protection with less environmental impact
Emcomp's Hydraulic-Magnetic circuit breakers reduce energy consumption. The result is a reduction in energy costs and greener circuit protection with lower CO2 emissions.


More info
Emcomp's circuit protection solutions for Marine & Offshore were developed by CBI in South-Africa. The circuit breakers comply with several international standards, e.g. IEC/EN/VDE (Europe), UL1500 (America) and CCC (China). They are available in standard designs and can also be customized according to customers´ needs.

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