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Rolling Stock & Signaling is one of Emcomp's key segments. We provide reliable Hydraulic-Magnetic circuit breakers for rail transport and signaling systems. Our products are maintenance-free and their components are carefully selected to provide maximum life to the circuit protection. The Hydraulic-Magnetic design has a number of practical advantages and delivers better protection to the circuit, as well as more precise breaking. Many contracts in Rolling stock & Signaling are awarded through procurement. Emcomp complies with the special requirements in the TransQ pre-qualification system and has been approved and qualified as a supplier.


Suitable for harsh environments
Vibrations, dust, temperature differences and moisture represent no problems. Emcomp's Hydraulic-Magnetic circuit breakers are more reliable and durable than the traditional thermal circuit protection.


Green technology that reduces CO2 emissions
Energy consumption is reduced with Hydraulic-Magnetic circuit breakers. This is an important competitive advantage for both Emcomp and our customers, who are able to contribute therefore to a more environmental friendly railway industry.

Circuit breakers for different needs in compliance with numerous standards
Emcomp's circuit breakers for Rolling Stock & Signaling are available in several designs and handle rated currents from 0.1 to 400 A. The products have one important thing in common: they comply with strict requirements and subsequently carry various different approvals and certifications.


More info
Emcomp's circuit protection solutions for Rolling Stock & Signaling were developed by CBI in South-Africa. The circuit breakers comply with several international standards, e.g. IEC/EN/VDE (Europe), UL (America) and CCC (China). They are available in standard designs and can also be customized according to customers´ needs.

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