Q frame 0.1-200A

Q frame 0.1-250A

CBI Q frame
CBI Circuit Breaker Q frame 0,1-200A

Very compact CBI hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers for miniaturized distributions and various applications of equipment protection. The CBI series Q frame consists of modular circuit breakers at rated currents of 0.1-250A. The Q series is available in single, double, triple and four-pole configurations.

Black and Grey

The Q series, with a modular width of 13mm, is available in two colours – black and grey. Electrical data are the same for both designs. The grey version has a 45mm front escutcheon, just like standard devices for rail mounting. The 13mm "Black Line" has a 57 mm front escutcheon that gives the application a professional appearance.

Lack of Space?

Due to the fact that the modular width is 13 mm instead of the traditional 18 mm, you will realize a space saving of more than 30% in the same cabinet size. This is ideal if you are going to upgrade existing Equipment, equally so if you would like to fully optimize and reduce the dimensions on a new design. More compact dimensions are often associated with higher temperatures, but as the Q-range is hydraulic magnetic and thus unaffected ambient temperature, it will always hold rated current. Specially adapted busbars with 13 mm modular width, are available in various configurations.

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