Y frame - MCB for high DC Voltages

CBI Y frame
CBI Circuit Breaker Y frame

MCB for high DC voltages!

High DC voltages, such as 300-600 VDC gets more and more common in power distribution as a way to reduce the amount of copper in cables and busbars. Until now it has been a challenge to find a MCB that safely can handle these high DC voltages. But now CBI are launching the new developed Y-frame range. The Y-frame is a new design that utilize the same proven Hydraulic-Magnetic principle as the other ranges. I.e. no need to de-rate the circuit breaker due to high ambient temperatures.

The Y-frame is designed to carry 300VDC in one 13mm module and for applications above, such as 400 or 600 VDC it can be delivered serial connected from factory. It is then 2x13mm wide. 

The Y-frame has in 300VDC range e permanent magnet that helps to extinguish the arc. In cases where you need a non-polarized product there is also a range without magnets that can handle 150 VDC in one 13mm module and 300 VDC in 2 modules.

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