Moulded plastic

Moulded Plastic

C&D Moulded Plastic
C&D Moulded Plastic

Switchgear housed in moulded enclosures provides the basis for most industrial applications, and the added benefits offered by the 'i-switch' range provide the user with a wealth of opportunities when selecting the correct item for a specific application. Enclosure sizes 1 & 2 achieve IP66 sealing and sizes 3 & 4  IP65. Good sealing is a feature of the 'i-switch' range as is the ability to add a selection of auxiliary blocks providing additional contacts and a choice of Neutral assemblies.

With the i-switch range comes an important safety feature, which prevents the enclosure cover being removed when the device has been padlocked in the 'Off' position. When combined with the excellent on-load breaking capacity of the i-switch family, this feature ensures that the term 'Safety Switch' is fully satisfied.

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