Customized solutions

One of Emcomp’s strengths is to adjust our offerings to our customers different needs. It can be everything from a specially designed connection busbar to a special packaging or a pre-assembled battery protection box with connections and cable glands, ready to be installed at the customer's site. The heart and soul of Emcomp is Hydraulic-Magnetic circuit breakers from CBI. Since we also deliver related products, like cable harness, busbar systems, mounting brackets and enclosures it is natural to offer our customers more complex solutions in order to simplify their own production. We have a dedicated mechanical engineer who support the design process whenever needed. He has +20 years of experience from producing companies in general and the telecom power industry in particular. Most of our customized solutions is built up of our standard components but combined in different configurations in our own workshop in Örebro. This makes is possible for us to deliver both small batches like 1-2 pcs but also volume supply. Emcomp´s customers for customized solutions can be found throughout Europe but in some cases also outside Europe.