Renewable energy & Energy storage

Circuit protection requirements are high in installations for Renewable Energy. The equipment protected by the circuit breakers is often expensive and many of the installations are located in inaccessible areas. One goal of Renewable Energy is to reduce energy consumption and CO₂ emissions, and for that reason, it is vital that the components have low operating costs and are energy-efficient.


Energy-efficient technology that reduces CO2 emissions
Thanks to low internal resistance, the Hydraulic-Magnetic technology helps reduce power consumption. Several of Emcomp's circuit breakers have been tested and certified in accordance with the highest energy class, class A. Providing energy-efficient products is important to us at Emcomp, but it is also valuable to our customers who in turn are able to offer even more energy-efficient solutions.


International approvals
Emcomp's Hydraulic-Magnetic circuit breakers comply with numerous international standards. This makes for more convenient circuit protection solutions and a smaller spare-parts stock, since the same products are used, irrespective of whether the application is going to North America, Germany or China.


Limited space for electric installations and breakers
Space for circuit protection in solar installations is often very limited and compact components bring significant benefits. The Hydraulic-Magnetic technology allows to produce thinner circuit breakers, with 13 mm width instead of 18 mm for thermal breakers, which results in more distribution points in a smaller area.


Customised solutions
Emcomp provides several standard products in circuit protection but can also develop customised circuit protection solutions for specific uses. We also provide a wide range of cables and cable harnesses, as well as design complete battery protection boxes for each customer's specific needs.


More info
Emcomp's circuit protection solutions for Renewable Energy were developed by CBI in South-Africa. The circuit breakers comply with several international standards, e.g. IEC/EN/VDE (Europe), UL (America) and CCC (China). They are available in standard designs and can also be customised according to customers´needs.

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